Nitrogen Generators

Ace Air supply & Install the Peak i-Flow 6000 series of Nitrogen Generators which are the most effective, reliable & safe solution for your Nitrogen requirements.
Compared to traditional bulk storage or bottled Nitrogen, an on-site Nitrogen generation system from compressed air is very cost effective and controllable. With typical savings of 90% many Nitrogen generating systems offer payback of less than a year.
Ace Air offer a complete engineered solution for your Nitrogen generation system with bespoke skid-mounted or containerised systems containing compressor, air treatment & Nitrogen generator for your convenience.

10%-12% of Bottle Nitrogen is wasted, remaining in the bottle!

The i-FLOW Nitrogen Generator


The i-Flow 6000 series of nitrogen gas generators provide a reliable, safe and cost effective alternative to bulk gas supplies.

Complete with a user friendly touch screen interface, and optional oxygen analyser, the i-Flow 6000 series provides on demand nitrogen gas at flow rates from 3 Nm³/hr to 115 Nm³/hr with purities from 95% to 99.999% (depending on model).

While small in size, the i-Flow series does not compromise on valuable workspace and its modular design allows for expansion if required so it can grow with your business.

i-Flow nitrogen gas generators can be supplied by Ace Air and installed into your existing system or as part of a complete customized solution including air supply and all necessary ancillaries.

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Benefits of on site Nitrogen Generation

There are many benefits to generating your own nitrogen supply.

  • Supply on Demand

Nitrogen Generators provide a constant, reliable, on demand supply of nitrogen irradiating the chance of equipment downtime as a result of running out of stored nitrogen or waiting for deliveries during adverse weather conditions.

  • Nitrogen Purity

Able to provide purity levels up to 99.999%, all Peak i-Flow Nitrogen Generator units have continuous real time monitoring built in so you can see the purity produced at any time displayed in either a percentile or PPM figure.

  • Costs

Generating your own nitrogen eliminates ongoing costs for having supplied gas delivered and the associated rising fuel charges as well as in house re-ordering processes.

  • Time

By removing the need for handling cylinders on and off the airfield through security, spent cylinders can simply be returned to the on-site filling station for a re-fill.

  • Expandable

Peak i-Flow Nitrogen Generators are a future proof solution with the ability to expand with additional Peak CMS Banks allowing for increased nitrogen flow rates while maintaining nitrogen purity levels.

  • Safe

There are no health and safety concerns with high pressure storage cylinders or cryogenic vessels on site when generating your own nitrogen along with no more potential hazards associated with trucks entering site to load/unload high pressure liquid nitrogen.

Nitrogen Generation is Ideal for the Following Applications

Nitrogen Generation For The Aerospace IndustryNitrogen Generation For The Beverage Industry

Nitrogen Generation For Chemical BlanketingNitrogen Generation For Electronic Component Assembly

Nitrogen Generation For Gas Injection MouldingNitrogen Generation For Laser Cutting

Nitrogen Generation For Modified Atmosphere Packaging MAPNitrogen Generation For The Pharmaceutical Industry